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"Dr. Dennis" is known world-wide as the man with the definitive answer for any dating, sex or relationship question. Often controversial, his bold, direct, innovative style has earned him the reputation as the go-to guy for radio and TV shows.

He has dealt with some of the most extreme cases like the "boy in the bubble", traumatic family cases, abuse, infidelity, polyamory, body dysmorphia, phobias, social anxiety and even a severe and debilitating lack of knowledge and understanding.

His TV and radio shows and appearances really push boundaries in a blunt, direct - often shocking - yet compassionate way earning him world-wide following and respect from his audience and peers.

Opinionated, provocative and funny. Dr. Dennis is one powerful, engaging and entertaining author, expert and personality.

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Relationship Building Reminders!

Want to know a secret that people with the best, most fulfilling relationships know?

Simple: you have to do things regularly to build and maintain your relationships!

We now have the perfect service to help you - "Reminder and Alert Service".

This incredible tool will help to remind you of many important dates and events, but even more important, it'll give you regular, creative ideas to keep your lover thrilled! Learn more about it by clicking here!

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NEW SERVICE - Online Profile Consultation

Online dating has never been more popular - or competitive!

If you want to be successful finding someone online, you''d better have the right profile. This new service is designed just for you! Dr. Dennis'' experience dealing with thousands of online profiles will help you get the results you expect - and deserve.

Avoid the liars, creepers, stalkers, cheaters and losers. Find out exactly what makes the profile people are looking for and start meeting the right people - right now.

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